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October 28, 2020


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Bernie Burk

Steve, I really appreciate the clarity you've brought to your discussions of such a difficult and divisive topic. Clarity is one of those virtues in short supply these days.


Steve Diamond

I concur. Much appreciated, Steve. Unfortunately there are many in the leadership of today's universities who are unwilling to be so clear about the principles of academic freedom.


Providing the PFLP with an online forum for an international audience that features and promotes as a heroine one of its top leaders clearly violates the law. Would academic freedom also include putting online a conference promoting the Islamic State or Al Qaida and featuring one of its leaders as a hero to be emulated? How about one promoting Nazi ideology and featuring a restored to life Adolf Eichmann or Josef Mengele? Surely there are some limits. True, Khaled herself failed as a mass murderer when the grenade she tried to set of in an airplane in mid-flight failed to explode, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. And in her role as a member of the PFLP Political Bureau she is responsible for recent terrorist attacks as well and can be counted on to promote more of them under the rubric of "resistance" if she is given an academic platform--so is incitement to terrorism covered under academic freedom? It seems to me that she is and should be beyond the pale.

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