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October 04, 2020


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A non

"It strikes me that in this time of political intolerance and open hostility, the last thing we should do is reject opposing views out of hand, such as the executive order attempts to accomplish...I would also personally welcome learning of presentations that are hostile to such training".

There is already sufficient literature showing why CRT is methodologically unsound (e.g., it's hypocritically and self-selectively essentialist about certain concepts but not others), and does not actually stand up to logical scrutiny. A second body of literature posits that claims about structural inequality and racism are themselves dissolved under class-based analyses. The third is just the standard milquetoast liberal critiques of CRT. There is also a sizeable literature criticizing the very notion of "unconscious bias."

A moment's effort would allow you to easily find and contact the authors of any such work. (Whether they would bother to attend a conference of acolytes, ones whose scholarly interests are not truth-oriented, rather than politics/ideology-driven, is another matter).

Two bases, which you can Google easily, are:
1. The McCarthyist quality of the UC initiative and the lawsuit against it.
2. Harvard's Adolph Reed et al's work on Leftist critiques of this diversity stuff.

"...the last thing we should do is reject opposing views out of hand..."

You do that all the time. On this very blog.

A non


Ediberto Roman

Do you have a link, Anon? I will join.

LawProf John Banzhaf

For other views, including mine, regarding this executive order, please see:

Experts Debate How Trump’s Order Restricting Critical Race Theory Funding Will Affect Higher Education

To learn more about my views, consider this Webinar on Wednesday with a Q&A:
Why and How Legal Activists "Sue the Bastards":
My Odyssey From Geek to Gigolo to Good Doer


A study of 829 companies over 31 years showed that diversity training had “no positive effects in the average workplace.”

Implicit Bias Test

Why Doesn’t Diversity Training Work?


And yet despite the growing adoption of unconscious bias training, there is no convincing scientific evidence that it works.



"My view is that this is wildly premature—and potentially even dangerous. The overselling of implicit bias has, in my view, along with several other related concepts (microaggressions, stereotype threat, white privilege), contributed to the toxic environment on many campuses and in some corporations in which speech is considered “violence,” and in which, if you say the wrong thing, you can be denounced, ostracized, and even fired."

"To nobody’s surprise, it turns out that unconscious prejudice has little effect on human behavior."

"Last week The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that researchers — including one of the founders of the IAT — from Harvard, the University of Virginia, and the University of Wisconsin–Madison had analyzed the results of hundreds of studies of the test involving almost 81,000 participants. For those who believe in the power of the unconscious, the results (to quote one of the researchers) “should be stunning.” For the rest of us, they’re unsurprising. The researchers find

that the correlation between implicit bias and discriminatory behavior appears weaker than previously thought. They also conclude that there is very little evidence that changes in implicit bias have anything to do with changes in a person’s behavior. These findings, they write, “produce a challenge for this area of research.”

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