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October 07, 2020


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You probably need a whole talk on the odious Richard Epstein, who has become legal academia's public face of COVID-19 and in a just world would be fired for his terrible statements on COVID (no, epidemiological incompetence is not protected by tenure).


By your own (feeble) sort of reckoning, you should be fired for espousing your odious views about tenure.

You also wildly overestimate the importance of law professors and what they say.


Law professors whining about how burdened they are -- about how "disadvantaged" they are as a class, including as a result of reading the news of the day -- is truly the most revolting thing I have ever read on this blog.

Law professors, in the main, produce little or nothing in terms of scholarship, teach a schedule that mocks the notion of "full time employment" and, in general, work 28 weeks per year, enjoying the long vacations of leisure they can afford based on huge salaries relative to the rest of the population.

That any of you, ANY OF YOU, would dare to complain about how burdened you are is repulsive, especially coming from those of you who claim, from your cozy perches, to be morally superior armchair warriors for social justice.

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