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September 02, 2020


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I prefer real life phony aggrandizements: like a Nobel Peace Prize that was "aspirational" (those aspirations were disappointed, were they not?).

Apparently, Lubet doesn't like Westerns.

Too "American" it seems.

Or, perhaps he believes that every movie about a real life person is accurate in every detail, and never dramatized, with these as notable exceptions!

Movies that don't portray the lawmen as enemies are bogus, man!

We should just agree that every cop is a criminal, and all the criminals saints, right?

Yeah, street fightin' man.

C'mon man.

Also anon, but with accurate quotes

Anon, if you're gonna quote the Stones, at least get the quote right: "Just as every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints."


Yeah, I changed it to fit the present circumstances.

Mea culpa.

BTW, who says I quoted the Stones? Joe Biden says so?

Do you have nothing better to do Anon?  Create your own website.

Why? Just why?


Well, Also anon, if you feel compelled to correct an obviously modified quote (with the fictional speaker, btw, being Lucifer), then perhaps you need to ask yourself that question.

My comment was to the post. Yours was to another comment, just to register a personal, and frivolous attack. Seems like your outrage is misplaced.

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