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September 24, 2020


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RE: a-f and j: already established, per SCOTUS. On these, and most of the others, the only issue is whether the gov't has a compelling interest to overcome this basic right to personal autonomy, privacy and choice, whether the measure is the least restrictive way to reach that interest, and whether there is no less onerous alternative. Scholars like Lubet don't seem to see ANY issue.

Under the strict scrutiny standard, most, if not all of the current overreach would fail. The "science" supporting most of these measures has been so unsteady, so disjointed, so unfairly and unevenly applied and self contradictory that it couldn't pass the test.

What is so incredible is that "liberals" like Lubet don't speak out against all this government overreach.

Putting the entire population under endless house arrest (yes, house arrest allows one to buy groceries and go to and from work, so this IS house arrest for those convicted of no crime), allowing government "agents" (often untrained, new hires) to surveille and interrogate citizens' every contact and entering this information into data bases, arresting some, like church goers, for "congregating" but allowing others to protest, loot and riot without ANY consequences, seems to be what Lubet and his ilk like to call the operation of a "free country."

These folks can't understand the reason that so many Americans reject their world view. THey also can't seem to understand that many, like Lubet, likely would, back in his younger days, have found these measures to be overbearing and fascistic.


Check out what's happening in NYC.

The government is using the threat of renewed shut downs and crack downs of various sorts to bully isolated areas that support the Donald. Needless to say, the government claims that support of the Donald results in non compliance with their onerous orders, justifying even more harsh tactics to "deal" with the offenders.

Sure it does. Only in those areas can non compliance be found, right?

THis is all so Orwellian.

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