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September 21, 2020


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Johnny Canuck

Greetings from a Canuck.

You will watch statues of Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington - racists all - follow suit presently. Your appeals to their virtues (and simply being men of their times who nonetheless brought about the framework for liberty and equality which otherwise would not have been made manifest) will fall on deaf ears.

Your current divided house will not stand.

You also omit mention of First Nations people who fought against the North, thinking - and not completely without merit - that their chances for liberty would be better than under Union yolk.

Robbie is from Ontario, a province settled originally by United Empire Loyalists and former British soldiers who fought your treasonous Continental army. Have you considered that he, they, and we, thought YOU to be traitors, and that the South - albeit for immoral reasons - had every right to secede from your empirical social contract only 80 years later, per the 10th Amendment - (lies presented in Texas v White notwithstanding - I felt obliged, as a Canadian, to get "notwithstanding" in there)? Why should anyone care about your claims of fidelity or treason? It's not as though you produced the more just or fair society. The Union won decisively and controlled the country for a century thereafter.



The "North" was just as, if not more racist than the South. The ghettos in the Northern cities, e.g. Harlem, Roxbury, the South Side of Chicago, etc. etc. were created by racist, white Northerners. The reaction in Boston, for example, to busing was especially disgusting.

Joe Biden? Well, ask his running mate about that.

Yet, it is the "liberal" northerners who are especially condemning of the "South." Lincoln asked for there to be "malice toward none" but, for these folks, hating and condemning others is a way of life.

The intellectual legatees of the Northern bigots who created the Northern ghettos are the "liberals" of today. They are just as prejudiced as any others. In fact, one of the ironies of the current movements is an effort to teach these self righteous "liberals" that, for all their virtue signaling and posturing, they mostly live in cushy, segregated neighborhoods, send their kids to the "right schools" and avoid the kind of political action that would foster real progress in the ghettos maintained and governed by their "liberal" political allies.

Lubet condemns a song. He seems to prefer a version that would spit on the graves of the dead Confederate soldiers. That's par for the course these days.

But, what of all his fellow baby boomers, who have been signing along for all these years, with tears for the Confederacy's fallen.

What perhaps Lubet doesn't understand is that death from war is death from war, and the true "liberal" grieves for the death of those who are sent to fight and die by "liberals" and "conservatives" alike.

Johnny Canuck

Every Canadian visitor to the Yank North (and we go regularly) knows this.

It's part of the reason why, whenever a Republican wins the presidency and the Dems threaten to run away to Canada, most Canadians shudder in horror at the prospect of their mass emigration.



Every state that surrounds California fears the same thing (known as "Californication"). Folks in Florida fear the New Yorkers ("snowbirds") fleeing to their State as well.

Hating on Dixie makes the Northern "liberal" feel better than other people. This is the core attribute of the modern "liberal." (Read Maureen Dowd's last column.)

This is the reason it is so risible to hear Biden's spew about how he didn't go to an "Ivy League school" but that "Nobody is better than me." He has been hanging out with the East Coast liberal establishment for so long, even he has had enough of their snobbery and elitism and posturing.

C'mon man.

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