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August 13, 2020


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Wow. Her position on adding the peas cinched my vote. Now, there's a presidential decision on an issue of historic, historic importance.

And, did you see the way she sliced that onion? This was a celebrity cooking segment for the history books.

Have you seen her dance? Her video is better than Obama's, doing his schtick on Ellen.

This is all a Democrat needs to know in order to mail in a few ballots. A candidate must be cool and attractive to "transform" America, i.e., garner personal power while leaving the conditions that are terrible basically worse.

And, if you can throw in some tears about how hard it was growing up the underprivileged child of a breast cancer scientist with a doctorate in endocrinology from UC Berkeley and a Stanford University professor of economics, all the better.


I saw a recent interview with Sen. Cory Booker. He was explaining what a great person Kamala is. He said she called him, in curlers, to show him, wait for it …


It is confirmed. THis is actually a talking point for Kamala's supporters.

How to slice an onion.

One must admit: she did a very good job slicing that onion.

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