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August 24, 2020


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Scott Fruehwald

I knew John at Hofstra. He was a mentor and a wonderful friend. He will be missed.

Leon Friedman

I too knew him at Harvard Law School. He was the only African-American student for two of the three years that he was there. We belonged to the game "club" the
Fairman Club where we would debate and discuss legal issues. Later I would run into him from time to time in New York Courts when he was Assistant Attorney General. Then low and behold we met again at Hofstra in 1974 when I began teaching. So I knew John from 1957 to his retirement. A great teacher and a fine friend.

Ronald Colombo

I had the good fortune of overlapping with John at Hofstra (during his last seven years/my first seven years at the Law School).
His wit was unparalleled ... his retirement left a void that has not been filled. (Faculty meetings, in particular, have never been the same.)
Requiescat in pace, John.

Angela Onwuachi-Willig

What a beautiful tribute!

Alafair Burke

This is so lovely, Kevin. Thank you for writing it.

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