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August 11, 2020


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Howard Wasserman

At least he's finally being honest--these guys are there to play football and school is irrelevant to anything they do.

Steve L.

Yes, he was honest about that. Too bad he didn't also acknowledge his $1 million stake in playing the 2020 season.

Note, btw, that Alabama is on the hook for paying him over $8 million even if the season is canceled. The other contracts I checked had force majeure clauses, and some specifically conditioned payment on actually having a football season, but Saban's does not. He must have one great agent.

Erik M Jensen

It's a secondary point, to be sure, but both MIT and Chicago have football teams. Both had them long ago (with Chicago in the Big Ten, until the Maroons just couldn't compete at that level), and both abolished football decades ago. But both then reestablished intercollegiate programs, in Division III--one in the 1960s, I think, and the other in the 1970s. (I concede that neither school plays Alabama.)

Steve L.

Thanks, Erik. I should have said "semi-professional football."

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