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July 28, 2020


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Note that the decision that Dreamers can no longer apply for DACA is openly in defiance of the Supreme Court decision reinstating the DACA program and the lower court order compelling the administration to restore DACA to its pre-administration state.

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

But to paraphrase Stalin: how many divisions does the Supreme Court have?

Dinh Law Firm

What exactly did the U.S. Supreme Court decide?

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s 2017 termination of DACA. The recission of DACA was arbitrary and capricious under the Administrative Procedures Act. This means that there was not sufficient justification for the termination. The decision restores the original 2012 program, which means that USCIS should accept both initial and renewal applications and advance parole applications from DACA recipients. With Dinh Law Firm you may discuss more on the topic.

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