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July 21, 2020


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The problem is that NY has too many sub standard law schools. NYLS. Touro. Hofstra has a horrible bar pass, some upstate schools not much better. These deans have not thought about the negative effect this will have on their better students , who would pass the bar, they will be seen by employers as being from a school that got a great advantage here. So top students may actually be disadvantaged here


Just when I thought that the level of common sense in left-wing legal academic circles and legislatures had reached an all-time, truly pitiful low, now this. This proposal really is an exceptionally dangerous bit of ignorance and poor judgment.

Did any of you go to law school? Do you have any memory of the marginal students? Do any of you know how easy it will be to find bottom feeders to certify ANYONE after allowing EVERYONE who manages to graduate from law school to practice?

Of course, the pampered and sheltered elites (e.g., law professors) won’t be affected by this folly, because they will always use their wealth and privilege to obtain competent legal services. No, as usual, this “politically correct” claptrap will only hurt the folks these people supposedly care about.


Calm down, bro. Its going to be OK. Really.

Michael Hutter

Michael Miller, a former president of the New York State Bar Association, published in the July 21, 2020 NY Law Journal (available on LEXIS, a thoughtful piece on the diploma privilege argument, calling it "deeply flawed."

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