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June 17, 2020


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Anonymous Bosch

"Perhaps when some of you read it, you might reflect that much more on the protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, and so many other related issues."

And if, after reading the poem, and upon further reflection, we still think the protests are completely disgraceful - not simply because of the sheer numbers of people participating, but the modes of undertaking, putting many lives directly and indirectly in jeopardy, and thereby undermining efforts to curb a pandemic, what then?

And if upon even further reflection we determine that Black Lives Matter, as a distinct movement, as opposed to believing that black lives matter, is just a neoliberal-identity-politics facade that masks the genuine, deeper-rooted, festering bile affecting this country? What then?

And what if, upon considering further evidence and engaging in reflection, we come to determine that the current political happenings are a function of certain political interests exploiting a dangerous situation for their own short-term advantage, ones that are not exactly as advertised, to the detriment of the collective? What then?

And if the data ends up showing that the George Floyds of this country are killed by the police because they are poorest herein and not because of their race, what then?

What happens when Americans stop tolerating this?

Ediberto Roman

How brave of you!!

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