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May 11, 2020


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Well, comparing the results, a few observations:

The students, predictably, attribute every problem to COVID (family members and kids distracting them, financial issues, no space to work at home, etc.) even where the connection (and lack of alternatives) really isn't that clear and convincing. (This is not to say some very real and terrible issues arose, of course.)

In other words, the students, who tend to whine a lot, whine a lot. Amazingly, few if any complained about the breach of their (very expensive) contracts calling for in person instruction.

The faculty seems to be more other directed, which was surprising to me, but a nice surprise. Who knew law professors would actually show any concern for anyone but themselves?

But, reading carefully, the overriding theme in the faculty comments, of course, deals with themselves and preemptive excuses: "don't blame us if we didn't do a good job" seems to be on the mind of many.

Actually, I don't discount this excuse: abruptly switching to online was an unbelievably taxing effort that administrators mainly imposed with no real support ("switch to Zoom, now, if you have any questions, ask Zoom. Maybe, once in a while, we'll try to have a Zoom meeting to provide some answers").

If anything, this crisis proved how authoritarian is the modern "liberal" mind.


Another point, just noticed

ANONYMITY! Some of the faculty comments were critical of faculty policies, students, etc.

Where are all the brave and true souls condemning these faculty members as "cowards"? Shouldn't we ignore the comments of "anonymous" faculty members? Shouldn't we refuse to acknowledge or respond in any way thereto?


"Shouldn't we ignore the comments of "anonymous" faculty members? Shouldn't we refuse to acknowledge or respond in any way thereto?"

He said anonymously.


Exactly. Just like you, anon! See how that works?


I wasnt trying to convince anyone of anything. Just pointing out your obvious inconsistency. OTOH - I doubt it needed to be highlighted.

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