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April 08, 2020


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hear, hear! Professor Crawford.

Can we count on you to urge law schools also to refund this semester's tuition? If not, why not? What's the difference, except that LSA costs $250 and a semester of law school costs $25,000?

Look forward to the response.


The difference is that the writer would be helped by one of these refunds and hurt by the other.

Looking forward to conference

For what it's worth, I'm very glad LSA is holding its conference virtually, as someone scheduled to present and on the market (if there is one) in the fall. I would rather have virtual paper feedback/networking than nothing: I need this opportunity.

My school is paying the fee so I'm not too concerned about that. Why not complain to the schools not reimbursing virtual conferences, instead? That seems rather stingy on their part: I'm sure there's plenty left in the conference reimbursement budget this year with so many cancellations. If this goes on, conferences will be more vital than ever, and profs will have to suck it up and accept the Zoom substitute, as law students are being asked to do, too.

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