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April 13, 2020


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Ummm....not so fast on the touché. This reads like:

1. We are giving full refunds, we swear.

2. We’ll have Zoom sessions! Some will be pre-recorded! You can hang out for 30 minutes after the session!

3. This is expensive – believe us!

4. This is not a series of video conferences – believe us!

5. You elected us – we’re above criticism!

a friend

I made the personal decision to cancel in light of the refusal to consider a discounted rate for virtual participation and the short timeframe for deciding (given lack of details until close to the refund deadline). THAT SAID, many of my colleagues are not cancelling, and I decided to make a donation on my own dime. Truly appreciate all of the efforts and consideration from all parties under very difficult circumstances.


I agree with the Touché -- this has to be devastating to them, and they're doing all they can to salvage the conference. The criticisms seem petty and inappropriate to me.

Early career

This is completely reasonable. As an early-career person for whom a conference this year specifically is quite valuable, I’m grateful LSA is putting in the effort and excited to attend. I’m confused by the complaining. The LSA conference fee is pretty small change in the scheme of things, is usually funded by participants’ schools anyway, and is being refunded on request.


When will the law schools refund student tuition for the semester? Should students check the mailbox today, or will it take a few weeks?


Off topic: but the FL seems to be avoiding, as usual, consideration of any topic that makes the left look bad.

Today, the Gov. of California basically laid out a plan to imprison seniors, under the guise of "supporting" and "protecting" them: by totally isolating them in their homes.

Disagree? Listen to the statement. I would love to hear the spin on this chilling, Orwellian implication.

Let's see a post about the liberty issues here.

Have we really come to the point where all you "liberal" professors can't even consider what is happening, in full view of your ever so astute, but comfortably enclaved noses?

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