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April 19, 2020


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I have seen more discussion of this piece (i.e., by the people who wrote it!) than is it all necessary. I DON'T CARE!

Maybell Romero

How convenient then, anon, that neither of us really cares what you think either. :-)

Brian L. Frye

Thanks, anon! Everyone was hoping you'd weigh in.


You are both such brilliant scholars, and, apparently, accomplished in internet ways and means.

It is thus surprising that you are so wrong about your guess that HG, the anon who commented on your response to HG, and the anon who commented above are all the same person.

I can tell you that you are wrong. You can retort that this is a lie, etc. Whatever.

What I will add it this: I agree with the first "anon" above. When you say "Everyone" the only objective evidence is that you two are posting numerous comments about your own comments.

I wasn't intending to participate, because you seem to be happy to dwell on the only two comments to your last post (there being no others).


BTW, I'm quite serious about having no intent to infuriate you both any further. I will not comment further on any of your posts! I am quite sure that you are quite capable of mercilessly hurting people, and I have no desire to be the subject of any more of your wrath because I dared to question your reaction to HG.

Brian L. Frye

Aw, jeez. We will miss you anon.

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