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April 03, 2020


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I think the communication makes pretty clear that LSA is funding general operations out of the LSA conference proceeds (and not just using the proceeds to break even on the conference). That, or it's having trouble getting a return of it's deposit from the host site.

Bridget Crawford

I share your sense that LSA is funding general operations about of conference proceeds, but it is wrong to fund the organization by overreaching into the wallets of individual faculty members who pay their own way, or schools that reimburse for conference attendance. A mid-year meeting would accomplish the funding goals without the appearance of price gouging.


It's almost as absurd as charging full tuition for "on line" legal education.

Almost, but many many Orders of magnitude less absurd.

I concur

It is certainly worth considering how many of your critiques of LSA apply equally to law schools, as chutzpah suggests.

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