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April 29, 2020


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The name Israel is Biblical. Read Bereshit (Genesis). Jacob, grandson of Avraham, left the Land of Israel (Canaan) when his brother Eisav wanted to kill him since Jacob had received the Blessings of their father Issac. He was told by his mother Rebekah to seek refuge in her family's home in Padan Aram. There he met Rachel and was "taken in" by Lavan, Rebekah's father. Jacob worked for his father in law for chump change and was cheated by Lavan (whose daughters Jacob marries - recall the last minute switch of Leah for Rachel). Jacob had gone to Padam Aram to escape from his brother Eisav at his mother's advice. After about 20 years (if I recall correctly) Jacob decided it was time to return with his wives and children to his home in the Land of Israel. Jacob was extremely fearful of meeting Eisav who basically took out a contract on Jacob and wanted to kill him. The night before he was to re-emter the Land of Israel he wrestled with the angel of Eisav (whether this was physical, spiritual a combination or a prophetic glimse into the future is for the reader to explore) and here is the significant factor - Jacob won and refused to release the angel from his grip - until Eisav's angel would bless him. The angel of Eisav did so - the angel changed Jacob's name from Jacob to Israel - a fighter who sucessfully defended himself. The angel literally says to him "you fought and won". When he met Eisav shortly thereafter, Eisav was in fact fearful of Israel (no longer Jacob). Eisav subsequently high tailed it out of the Land of Israel. It can be argued that his time with Lavan represented the Jews' exile and that only upon returning to the Land of Israel did physical strength return to them. With the hindsight of a historical perspective, immense suffering but now immense military power, this view merits serious contemplation for those interested.


Why would they call it Judaea? They didn't get most of that back till 1967... They were socialist nitwits, but not ahistorical ones.

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