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April 06, 2020


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Kent Schenkel

Clever post Bridget. Maybe I'll include a problem like this on my (remotely given) final exam!


My recollection is that a testator can, as an alternative to signing in the witnesses presence, acknowledge to the witness that the signature on the document is their authentic signature "that's my signature" and the witness can then authenticate the signature.

Adam J. Hirsch

For a discussion of the law and policy of electronic wills, see my new article, Adam J. Hirsch, "Technology Adrift: In Search of a Role for Electronic Wills, 61 Boston College Law Review 827 (2020), which is available on SSRN.


Perhaps add: everyone should wear nitrile gloves (if available) and wash hands after given the virus can be on surfaces, including paper? Social distancing is only as effective it’s weakest link. And the Will itself is that link.

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