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April 11, 2020


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Enrique Armijo

One of the best songs of the 1960s. Here is a version from Glasgow indie group The Pastels:

Joan Heminway

This post makes me so happy! I sang this song in the summers at Girl Scout camp back in the '60s. I've always gravitated toward this song--especially the Linda Ronstadt version. Yet, it's provenance was unknown to me. I also loved The Monkees!

Thanks for the post and gathering all the covers. Great stuff.

Ian Holloway

This is a brilliant post! Thank you. I know the Stone Poneys version well, of course, and I actually remember that episaode of the Monkees. But the clip of Mike at the end ... wow! Thank you?

Yakima Knute

Linda Ronstadt made any song she sang hers. So sad that sh'e lost the ability to sing.

Some Monkees obscure facts:

Brian Jones called them the Prefab Four for the reason that they didn't play the instruments on their first album. Mike Nesmith was the only musician of the group.

Mike's mother, a secretary, invented Liquid Paper.

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