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March 29, 2020


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Scott Fruehwald

Good teachers listen to their students. Master teachers seek out their students to discover what they are thinking. Thanks for sharing this.

Patricia Roberts

These are everyone's students. Thank you for sharing.

Joshua Kastenberg

I think our students want us to lead. (I have the criminal procedure class down on zoom). Real leadership is hard to find, and these days, there is anti-leadership. After all, who would proclaim their efforts a 10 out of 10. This may sound like hyperbole, particularly from someone who spent almost a quarter century in uniform before coming into academia. Douglas MacArthur once said “you are always on parade.” I don’t particularly like his place in history, and I believe there were far better generals as well as far better presidential aspirants. But he had a point. Many of my students are worried, they are stressed – not only about finishing school, but about their families. They want something from us beyond a zoom lecture (and even beyond a funny zoom lecture). They want solutions and real hope, and they want an honest voice who admits a deficit in a particular point of law (or, in the case of one professor who this site ably outed, a law professor serving as a faux virologist). I don’t have a magic wand for ideas but here are two I am working on: (1) an Air B&B model for students who are returning to colleges in my state, but cannot afford housing for next year. We will be seeking volunteers on the faculty to host a student, or family, for the year and try to de-conflict the ethics implications in the process. (2) I reach out to my students via zoom, skype, and e-mail … just because. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start…. Just an idea


Striking that law schools are closing their buildings and not offering space to so many students who have expressed the need to study on campus.

It might not be that difficult to set up some social distancing on campus. After all, the classrooms are all empty.

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