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March 16, 2020


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Was the groaning perhaps a reaction to the hysteria and panic being created by the media and self interested persons who seek to use this virus as a political tool?

When we revisit the reactions to SARS, and MERS, we find a clearly, starkly and dramatically different tempo, attitude, level of posturing.

Fauci says overreacting is good. We'll see.

John Banzhaf


See, e.g.,
Coronavirus-Related Dorm Evictions Likely to Spur Class-action Lawsuits,
Law Professor Warns
“A law professor at George Washington University, which promised to fine and punish students who stay in the dorms over spring break without preapproval, warns that the moves could spur class-action lawsuits from students."


Why not just order them to be under house arrest, ala the Bay Area?

"Liberals" always seem to reach first for the most punishing, authoritarian alternative.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, beyond that, got nothing for you but police power, employed to deprive your basic rights.

The 1% theory? Cheney never dreamed about what a "liberal" (leftist, socialist) could do with it.

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