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January 30, 2020


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Comment, in response to the original post by Lubet, on 1/21:

"If it's such a great line, why mangle it?

'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.'

Moreover, you've mangled it trying to make 'gloves' grammatical, which misses the entire point. Johnny used this phrase repeatedly to test the validity of evidence, not just the gloves."

That comment included a link to show the true author of the line. Later, someone chimed in to "comment" on that same point.

It is incredible the lengths to which Lubet and others on this blog will go to marginalize anonymity in comments. "I won't respond" is the common refrain; but posting the same comment, now adopted elsewhere, as if it is something new and noteworthy really does deserve a certain sort of praise for consistency, which, one supposes is a form of "integrity" however misguided and pernicious.

It is just another indication of how a mind set, prejudice and a false sense of superiority based on bogus criteria distorts reality for so many these days.

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