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December 28, 2019


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AMNH is a voluntary donation museum. You can pay 0 and still get in.

Bridget Crawford

Yes, that makes sense, BGW. But it doesn't account for the actual dollar value assigned by the museum to the special exhibits, which are not pay-as-you-wish. Those *appear* to have a $5 per ticket value: So if the basis membership comes with 4 special exhibit tickets, the tax deductible portion of the "membership" should be reduced by $20.


Hi Bridget - I don't want to pore over the flyer in detail and don't know the general background of pay or not pay at AMNH, but how do the memberships which state the entire amount is tax deductible differ in benefits from memberships where the amount listed as deductible is less than the total cost of the membership (the two "adventurer" and the "insider" memberships)?

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