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December 17, 2019


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So, first, we have a telling admission about Lubet's "objectivity." He has been a candidate to cooperate with Democrats to defeat Republicans for decades.

As usual, the consideration of Democrats in this essay is scant and inadequate. " Several of them are currently vying to run against Trump in 2020" he tosses off, in the one reference to Democrats.

Let's pause a moment. Will these Senators, some of whom have already declared their vote for impeachment, take an oath to deliver “impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws”? Will they be "objective"?

As recent evidence has shown, Sen. Schumer called for Trent Lott to cooperate with Clinton's attorneys. There is nothing new here. This is just a partisan effort, and everyone, including the Democrats, know that this is true. See, e.g., the Pelosi standard for impeachment, now abandoned.

Pound the table. Rant and rave. But this is a partisan impeachment, the prospect of which was decried by the framers and, until recently, by the Speaker of the House.

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