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December 11, 2019


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Kevin Jon Heller

I look forward to your post on Boris Johnson's vastly more obvious antisemitism:

Perhaps in that post you'll also discuss the serious antisemitism problem among the Tories:

There is even an entire report on Tory antisemitism:

My favourite is Lord Gold's comment, in response to a Tory MP wearing an SS uniform to a Nazi-themed bachelor party in 2011, that the MP was not antisemitic. (For its part, the Party insisted that the MP had "a lot to offer in public life.")

Steve Diamond

The perverse logic of Labour's reliance on the "socialism of fools" is explored by two UK academics here:

Steve L.

Sorry for the delay, Kevin and Steve; the links caused your comments to be caught in the spam folder.

Good to see that you are still reading the blog, Kevin. Thanks for the references to anti-Semitism among the Conservatives. The comments of various Tories, including Johnson, have been distasteful indeed.

Corbyn is different, of course, because he goes far beyond smarmy insults. He associates with terrorists who present an existential threat to Jews and Jewish life, as detailed below and elsewhere:

"Corbyn also associates with terrorists, both secular and Islamist, who actively seek the destruction of the state of Israel. On numerous occasions he shared a platform with Leila Khaled, the convicted plane-hijacker and former mastermind of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In 2014 he was photographed, alongside the exiled PFLP chief Maher Taher, laying a wreath at a memorial ceremony for the Black September operatives who carried out the murder of eleven Israelis at the 1972 Munich Olympics. He has spent time with high-ranking figures from Hamas and Hizballah, including those whom in 2009 he welcomed to the British parliament 'as friends.' In a 2010 visit to the Palestinian territories, he met with Hamas officials in Gaza. In 2016, he declared on British television his support for engagement with Islamic State, asserting that the West needed to understand 'where [IS’s] strong points are.'”

There is more, of course, but the bottom line is that British Jews, who have historically supported Labour in great numbers, are overwhelmingly opposed to Corbyn. Many long time Labour members have resigned from the party, or have been pushed out of it. Is it really possible that they are all misguided?

Johnson is no prize. But even Richard Evans changed his mind about voting Labour after he read the open letter from Anthony Julius:

"As much as Corbyn's lamentable failure to apologise in his TV interview, or the intervention of the chief rabbi, this has persuaded me to change my mind and not vote Labour."


Ahhh, the joys of academic debate. As always, the world as it is need have nothing to do with the passions that animate the fury of the contentions/comments.

The "obvious" truth, KJH? You are of course correct: they are ALL anti-Semites. Or, more precisely, most of them.

Now, let's hear the analysis of US ... ? Trump or the Squad? Who is/are the anti-semites among us? Would we more likely find an anti semite among the working people of this country or among a group of leftist university academics? (BTW, if the answer is, "Looks at all the left-leaning Jews in academia!" then we can all have a good laugh, no?)


Not even a close call, Kevin


If you want to avoid the antisemitism of labour and the islamophobia and racism of the tories, it seems the liberal democrats are the only moral choice.


How is voting for the pro-EU, technocrat-fascist super-state possibly a moral choice, let alone the exclusive one?


Corbyn and his ilk got shellacked today. It is schadenfreudelicious.


By overt racists and Islamophobes, anymouse. Not sure why you get enjoyment from that.


Why do leftists always demean the voters, call them awful names, and basically convey hateful, angry messages (or worse, assert bogus theories to explain) when they have lost an election? Is anyone who doesn't agree with a leftist by definition not worthy of any respect?


You’re projecting anon. Leftists don’t come anywhere near the level of demonization that rightists do.

Ever and Anon

Keep telling yourself those things, twbb. It's certainly far easier than actually learning about why people voted the way they just did in Blighty - especially the North!

In fact, you're in good company: your M.O. is perfectly in accord with the way most American law professors 'keep ignorant and carry on'.


"Boris won by reason of the votes of overt racists and Islamophobes. Anyone who says this is name calling is name calling. Anyone who says this is demonizing Boris voters is demonizing. My colleagues and I don't demonize others!"


"Leftists don’t come anywhere near the level of demonization that rightists do."

Busy is Hitler.
Romney is Hitler.
Trump is Hilter.

Yeah, sure Twbb.

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