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November 04, 2019


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Are the names of the jurors public?

Steve L.

The Berggruen Prize jurors were Kwame Anthony Appiah, chair, and Antonio Damasio, David Chalmers, Amy Gutmann, Elif Shafak, and Wang Hui.


Of course, a legalistic morass instead of an answer.

When a friend does something wrong, you excuse it by looking for the LAW that FORBIDS it, and then argue in an hyper technical way that the law does not forbid it.

Was it ethical for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to accept a $1 million prize?

One wonders if you answer this question so evasively because RGB is an icon of the left.

"ethics" is "a the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles," and does not call for a hyper technical essay about how no positive law forbid the conduct.


Is it ethical for RBG to accept this award?

Sure, but if it was that guy Kavanaugh then it is unethical as heck.

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