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September 23, 2019


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I would tend to agree that TC has no shtik, which, apparently, you equate with: a.) Jewish, stand up comedians and b.) edgy-ness.

Ok, so, you engage in blatant stereotyping of Jews, and I don't have any particular objection: the rule these days seems to be one can be as bigoted and prejudiced as one cares to be when speaking of a group to which one belongs (e.g., white people endlessly decrying "white people").

But, I must object to your tossing off this whopper " typically Jewish-American sensibilities" as if this is something that: a.) you somehow know and b.) you feel free to generalize and opine about.

Of course, you postulate a "thing" that doesn't exist, so, it's hard to refute it. We could start with Pew - an organization whose work I think we can agree is top notch.

pewforum [dot] org/2013/10/01/jewish-american-beliefs-attitudes-culture-survey/

This is a comprehensive look at the subject, thru a much more sophisticated lens than your off the cuff remarks suggest you have engaged in. I suspect you will only be interested in this:

"◾As a whole, Jews support the Democratic Party over the Republican Party by more than three-to-one: 70% say they are Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, while 22% are Republicans or lean Republican. Among Orthodox Jews, however, the balance tilts in the other direction: 57% are Republican or lean Republican, and 36% are Democrats or lean Democratic."

What you need to know, it seems, is the number of self identified "Jews" who do not so identify on the basis of their religion and who are thus not subject to your "judgments" about the "sensibilities" of their majority.

When you toss around labels, Mr. Lubet, please don't be so sure you know what you are talking about and please don't perpetuate stereotypes about comedy and Jews. Comedy, sir, is universal, and the "Jews" didn't invent it in the Catskills around the time that you apparently learned about what it means to be "Jewish."

Alan Weinberger

“Welcome to the Academy Awards or, as they’re called in our house, Passover.” Not shtik by you? Oy!


Maybe I'm missing the "typical Jewish-American sensibilities" to which Lubet refers, Alan, because that seems like an extremely unfunny joke.

BTW, Lubet is a stickler for accuracy, including in the use of words by others, so he should be careful when he references members of a group. "Typical" means "having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing." It does NOT mean the qualities of a "majority" or "significant number."

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