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September 09, 2019


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D.C. Pritchett

"Just because Trump had relations with a woman named Stormy does not make he a weatherman." This is a paraphrase of a meme I wish I had come up with on my own. Nonetheless, I think it will resonate with the astute audience regularly present on this site.


I've been hearing reported on cable "news" that it is "criminal" to lie in a weather report. Look, we need to appoint a special counsel here, right now.

Avenatti comes to mind or perhaps Robert Mueller.

Is it not obvious that Moscow instructed its agent to misrepresent what the situation was "originally" with respect to a weather forecast in order to sow chaos and confusion among the populous? The reputable news media has it on good authority that a clerk one of the weather offices heard someone say: "Vlad has instructed us to support him" just before it accurately reported the facts.

Worst of all, the entire states of Florida, Georgia and both Carolinas were, just as our media predicted and implied by wall to wall coverage, devastated and destroyed by the worst hurricane in history, which in turn, was caused by the president's policies on global warming. All the evacuations, dislocations and hardships caused by the hysteria were, in retrospect, more than necessary to prove that the president is a foul scoundrel.

Does no one care about the end of the world in ten years?


Meanwhile, the front runner for the Democratic nomination has just issued a statement condemning the president's actions.

The front runner stated that when he was VP, Hurricane Camille hit the coast of Maine, and he came to console the survivors at great risk to himself. As he recalled, when he attempted to personally pin a medal on the chest of Maine's then Governor, William Blythe, the front runner noted that the Governor refused the honor: "No, sir, no, sir, the Hurricane never happened, sir."

The former VP told this story with a sense of deep emotional involvement, and the media generally agreed that he did this with the best of intentions.

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