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August 31, 2019


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Barry Felton

Thanks for the Skelton clips. I hadn't seen them before. Good example of the early Stones performance. Jagger started working on his moves after watching James Brown's energized performance from the wings one night. Tina Turner helped him to "move like Jagger"


That story about the T.A.M.I. concert is disputed by Jagger.

Steve found a clip where they all looked glum. Who knows the reasons, but, lip synced appearances here and there can't all be high energy: Jagger especially looked like his hair was dirty and he hadn't slept in a few nights. Watts looked even more glum than usual for him. So?

The excoriation of Red Skelton is also sort of odd. One realizes that "Everybody is a critic" and that judging all of the past by the most extreme leftist positions of today is widely acceptable in legal academia and similar circles (hence, tearing down monuments, erasing Washington, Jefferson and the rest, and basically lying about the "heroes" of the New LEft to make them seem to have been what they weren't).

But, trying to take down a comedian of that era is just sort of a strange waste of time and energy. Lubet states: "it is not obvious why [Skelton's jokes] were funny back then." Here is where he goes off the rails.

In 1952, Skelton received Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Program and Best Comedian. He also received an Emmy nomination in 1957 for his non-comedic performance in Playhouse 90's presentation of "The Big Slide".[281] Skelton and his writers won another Emmy in 1961 for Outstanding Writing Achievement In Comedy. Skelton's first major post-television recognition came in 1978, when the Golden Globe Awards named him as the recipient for their Cecil B. DeMille Award, which is given to honor outstanding contributions in entertainment. He was presented with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Governor's Award in 1986. Skelton received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 1987, and in 1988, he was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Television Hall of Fame. He was one of the International Clown Hall of Fame's first inductees in 1989. Skelton and Katharine Hepburn were honored with lifetime achievement awards by the American Comedy Awards in the same year. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1994.

This is the man that Lubet trashes and says wasn't "funny."

That, folks, is humor at its best.

Darush Mabadi

I think you are pathetically hilarious, Anon.

One might call that an opinion. Others might disagree. But you sir seem hell bent on taking down Dr. Lubet for no good reason. Why not find a real issue to disagree about. Jesus! Red Skelton? Really? Can we get anymore petty than that? We shall see....

I wonder if you might have been a student of his at some point? Things didn't work out? We will never know will we given how you like to hide in plain sight.


Hey Darush

You're right, Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Including me.

Lubet can trash a revered icon and say he doesn't see the humor in Skelton's work. I think it is fair to point out that: a) Lubet is trashing someone honored for his comedy by nearly every relevant authority in his field and b.) Lubet seems to be basing his opinion on his quite obvious political bent ("Almost none of his jokes are funny today").

As usual, that political stance infects everything he writes. He can't help it.

As for students, how would you like to be a conservative student in one of Lubet's courses? Would you be eager to identify yourself to him?

Your anger and hyperbolic responses in Lubet's defense, are, like his trashing of a true American icon, funny in one way, but so sad.

Sort of like the pathos Skelton introduced into his comedy, for which he has been, as stated, revered and honored by nearly all of the relevant professional organizations that have reviewed his work.

Of course, Lubet tends to claim expertise in every endeavor of life, so, there's that.

Darush Mabadi

Hey Anon, I am so happy that you are on mission ensuring Red Skelton's work remains in the highest of esteem. Sadly when someone chooses to hide behind a four letter handle, the implication of their comments are assumed to be unbridled by the cost of consequence from uttering them. So who knows what you truly mean. I speculate that is why Dr. Lubet doesn't invest the time to dignify your sad trolling efforts. Ask yourself, has he ever?

You do bring up an interesting question as to how a conservative student might feel in one of his classes My best guess if a student is nothing more than a Trump loving dolt, he might have a tougher time than someone who respects long standing conservative values emulated for example by someone like George Will. That fact that you seem consider Dr. Lubet to be a nothing more than reflexive liberal tells us all how little you actually know.

Given your propensity to defend conservative entertainers, will you be giving us a breakdown on Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, James Caan, Scott Baio or Bruce Willis? As I am sure you know, all of these guys are revered by millions as much as they are equally discarded as being mediocre. Tell us why we are wrong to feeling anything about these folks that might differ from your point of view. Or is it just Red Skelton that gets your loins all fired up? Just give me 10 minutes to prep and butter my popcorn. I am so excited! Thank bro...

Steve L.

I appreciate the vote of confidence, Darush. Let me assure you that conservative students are very comfortable in my classes, including Trump voters (whom I would never call dolts). We have good discussions and examine issues from multiple angles.


Darush Mabadi

Thanks Steve, I can see how that might have been misinterpreted. I am certain your classes are bastions of open thought. Anon seemed to think otherwise by presenting me with a scenario. I should not have assumed how you would respond. I on the other hand would have little tolerance for any fact denying ideologue exhibiting cultish like support of a white nationalist like Trump. Which explains why you do what you do and I do what I do.

I have sucked up enough bandwidth tonight.


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