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August 19, 2019


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Wow, Steve. Dare I say, there might be hope for you?

Of course, there is more to it than just surmising that some believe that if T condemns it, it must be good.

There is also the governing ethos of the Maduro regime, which many believe would be best for the US, as well.


There is a long and deep history of affinity for neo-stalinism (and not so neo-) inside Chicago's education circles, much of it promoted by Bill Ayers and his side kick ex-Maoist Mike Klonsky. (As Ayers' wife was a long time colleague of yours at NU Law, I thought you might have made the connection.)

And, of course, the CTU has been taken over by elements of that milieu as well as that of various "trotskyist" sects. (I put "trotskyist" in scare quotes because these people know little to nothing about Trotsky.)

Dave Butler

There is absolutely nothing good about the Maduro government. It had fallen off of a cliff before Trump. It was well on its way when Chavez died and Maduro just stepped on the gas. You can have issues with Trump on nearly all of his policies with good reason, but do not be blind to what is going on in Venezuela as these dumb teachers have done. This is a country where the people have no voice, and no infrastructure. The government only steps on their throats. Almost all of my friends and family from Venezuela have left and all but a few that remain unfortunately do not have other options at this time.

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