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July 14, 2019


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The hysteria about opioids is mainly because of deaths from overdoses.

But, as usual, political correctness on the left precludes any solutions.

Nearly the entire increase in deaths from overdoes of opioids is because of black market fentanyl, and the source of that fentanyl is, mainly ... wait for it, wait for it ...

Oh, but, they say, it is coming thru ports of entry, not remote areas where a wall would be built.

See how that twisted logic works? If we are catching fish in this river (because we only fish in this river) it means that there are no fish in the ocean.

First, demonize all opioids because of fentanyl, then argue against increased enforcement at the border, because fentanyl is being seized at the ports of entry.

Once again, the Left will sacrifice ANY principle, including that of freedom to use pain relief, effective border enforcement and truth telling about the "opioid crisis" to import more voters.

What happened to "That is between the patient and her doctor?"

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