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July 06, 2019


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Steve G

If you ever find a video version with Sheldon Harnick's lyrics to the Sousa melody (The Man with the Sign), please post it. My search has been fruitless. I think the lyrics start:

In a town today, not far away,
A shabby little man is marching proudly
Round about and quite without
The music of a marching band.

No drum provides the rhythm for his left---
(not a piccolo)
(not a clarinet)
Not a single Sousaphone in sight
Yet he marches on.

But as he goes around he shows
A shabby little home-made sign that tells me
Here's a man who favors
An unpalatable point of view.
It seems to me he's absolutely WRONG!
(his opinion is)
(my opinion is)
He and I could never get along
In a million years.

BUT the man with the sign's a friend of mine
All alone in his proud endeavor
And as long as I fight for this man's right
That's the glory of the stars and stripes forever.

I think it goes on for a few more verses. A paean to free speech.

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