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June 06, 2019


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One further point. The radical left - which dominates legal academia -- has successfully equated expressing a political view with hate speech.

For example, while running for the presidency the first time, BHO stated: " In August 2008, he told Southern California megachurch Pastor Rick Warren his definition of marriage: "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God's in the mix." For those who think this is fake news, see PolitiFact, trying to defend the statement.

Can you imagine the reaction on this site to someone evoking the deity to justify opposition to same sex marriage? I don't take the position that BHO did. I'm merely pointing out that, like IngSoc in 1984, the radical left today is constantly changing the grounds for their hate. When they decide that an idea is to be hated, they then equate expression of that idea with grounds to maliciously inflict pain on speaker of the idea, and use every form of vindictiveness possible to silence expression of the idea. What if the hate mongers on the left decide that precluding anonymity somehow disadvantages a favored identity? Uh oh. Think about that, Ellen.

And, what of the claim of "lack of politeness." Wow. Are we not adults? What you think is "nasty" may not be what others think is nasty. I think calling someone "stupid" and a "liar" and a "troll" and all the other names that left leaning commentators, under the cloak of anonymity, have hurled on this site, is "nasty."

You may not think so, however, if those insults were directed at this commentator. Think about that, as well.

Again, Ellen, be specific. Point out the comments that you object to, and explain the reasons for your objections.

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