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April 29, 2019


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"He [Trump] does not need to be tricked into sharing goals with Netanyahu, because he is doing it for electoral advantage"

Whoa! Wait a minute. We are being told by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party Press that Trump praised those chanting "Jews Will Not Replace Us" in Charleston (a lie, because he denounced these persons, and white supremacy in general, both specifically and unequivocally) because Trump's constituency consists of the backward, toothless deplorables of America who are, as "we" all know, Jew haters.

So, Prof. Lubet, how does Trump increase his popularity with his constituency by being known as a Jew lover? After all, his daughter is Jewish, and married to a Jew, he is wildly popular in Israel owing to his numerous actions in Israel's interests (as THE MAJORITY OF ISRAELIS perceive their interests to be), and he is reviled in anti-Semite cartoons in the NY TIMES of all places as a puppet of the Jew.

Sounds odd that he does all this because he is an anti-Semite white supremacist who needs to appeal to his KKK constituency to win reelection.

Yes, that's it! Anti-Semitic folks are conspiring with Russians to induce Trump to pretend to support Jews so that he can undermine Jews! There you are: Trump hates Jews. Knew it. I just knew it. As usual, the MSNBC crowd is right; always right. Trump pretends to love Jews to appeal to people who hate Jews because people who hate Jews know that it is a pretense, devised by the Russians, to fool the Jews!

Howard Wasserman

Steve: Thank you for the response

Here is why I do not think the witches' brew analogy works. As you note, that cartoon with male politicians would not make sense. So the choice is between a sexist implication and a meaningless depiction. But the cartoon we are discussing does make sense whether the dog is Netanyahu or Putin or Kim. But only one of those carries historic baggage.


Oh, and btw, the freshest, front-running moralistic, holier than thou Democrat (apparently, he doesn't think that folks can google and learn something about the truth), Joe, yes Joe Biden (hold back the laughter for those who know), is about to educate America about ethics and virtue.

The irony of the left trying to twist themselves into believing in anything that might defeat Trump is rich and will be a source of mirth for many in the coming months.

The leftist Jew haters, in particular, will love this:

Biden says he is a Zionist

youtube [dotcom] /watch?v=dbn4i7_CFIM

On the other hand, don't lose faith just yet, oh ye leftist of sincere hate of all that is the Jew! You can watch this clip, that includes both a "shylock" reference to bankers and the "First Sort of Mainstream AA who is articulate and bright and clean ..." referring to the last president. THis is classic Joe.

youtube [dotcom] /watch?v=1NoHm6BKtNk

Of course, Lubet would never call out a Democrat.

The point here is that Lubet certainly wouldn't toss off some casual slur that implies that Biden supports Israel only because he is seeking votes.

See how it works? The enemy is always wrong, always acting for venal reasons and any lie against the enemy is justified. The one we support is always right and pure and clean and beyond reproach and any error was innocent and in good faith.

Lubet, instead of unnecessarily analyzing all the reasons a cartoon that would make any Nazi proud was so obviously an example of Jew hate, why not ask why the NYT published it?

DO you really think it was ONE PERSON and an aberration? "taken from a wire service by a single, unsupervised editor."? Really?


"But the cartoon we are discussing does make sense whether the dog is Netanyahu or Putin or Kim. But only one of those carries historic baggage."

My objection is the Trump skull cap. Although Trump is regularly portrayed in the Democratic Party Press (e.g., MSNBC) as a Russian agent, he generally is not portrayed as wearing Russian garb.

Think about how the Democrats wailed when an ACCURATE picture of BO in native African garb was circulated. From the Guardian

"Barack Obama's campaign team accused Hillary Clinton's beleaguered staff yesterday of mounting a dirty tricks operation by circulating a picture of him in African dress, feeding into false claims on US websites that he is a Muslim. David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, described it as "the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we've seen from either party in this election"."

Leftists have no problem seeing the problem when it involves one of their own. Obama objected to an accurate photograph, because is suggested a false identification.

And, you can't understand that labeling Trump a Jew because he supports Israel doesn't evoke a false meme? The meme goes something like this: A doesn't hate Jews, per se. A hates "Zionists." It just so happens that all Jew are Zionists.

This meme is propounded by Jew haters seeking to clothe their hate in false legitimacy. This cartoon feeds right into that meme. Trump is a Jew because he is a Zionist; hate him.


[UPDATE: The New York Times has announced that it has ended its relationship with the syndication service, Cartoon Arts, that provided the anti-Semitic cartoon discussed below.]

Unbelievable. The left is literally going out of its mind, owing to the eating away of reason caused by Trump hate.

How does disassociating from the source of the cartoon address the problem of having published it?

B suggests robbing a bank. A robs the bank. A is caught. A's response? "I'll never speak with B again!"

This is like the Biden defense to accusations of plagiarism in law school and then again on his presidential campaign (see, nytimes [dotcom] /1987/09/18/us/biden-admits-plagiarism-in-school-but-says-it-was-not-malevolent.html], to the obvious creepy groping, to his racist and anti-Semitic remarks (see above) and to the bankruptcy bill, to opposing busing(nytimes [dotcom] /2008/09/18/us/politics/18biden.html) and to everything else. Listen and you will hear: "I didn't have bad intentions."

The Democratic Party is now vulnerable because it is incapable of rationale thought about its own failures, prejudices, bad conduct, etc. If it continues to see only the fault in others (i.e., Trump and republicans) and can't rationally address its own copious malfeasance and venality, then the swing from Trump that the Democrats pray for will be to something far far worse.

The focus of this thread should be broader, to see the bigger picture. The NYT is no longer the prestigious "paper of record" it once was. It has devolved into a shadow of itself, almost a parody, just like the Democratic Party it serves.


And btw folks, that Democratic Party is moving toward anti Semitism, and everybody who watches the news can see it, plainly.


Mr. Wasserman, I think your response is exactly the issue in dispute:

"But the cartoon we are discussing does make sense whether the dog is Netanyahu or Putin or Kim. But only one of those carries historic baggage."

I think the issue is how much should the "historic baggage" matter. And the trend has been very much in favor of historic baggage mattering greatly. For example, there is a horrible racist trope which got Roseanne Barr fired. If she had made the same comment about a white person, it would have been in bad taste - but no more than many other things she wrote and said that were in bad taste. What she wrote was racist specifically because of the baggage.

The same logic applies to anti-semitism. The NYTimes cartoon is anti-semitic specifically because of the historic baggage, which cannot be ignored or swept under the rug.

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