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February 24, 2019


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Stan Nadel

I agree with almost all of this and would be glad to sign on. But when it claims that "For all of Farrakhan’s bigotry, his followers have never harmed anyone" it makes a dubious proposition. Ignoring the assassination of Malcolm X on the assumption that this claim was really intended to refer only to Jews, I would simply point out that Farrakhan has long had a strong following in Crown Heights where there have been numerous violent attacks on Jews. While to the best of my knowledge no attacker has so far been identified as an NOI member, that doesn't mean that these thugs aren't followers of Farrakhan who have been influenced by his Antisemitic rhetoric to attack Jews.

Alan J Weisbard

Thank you Steve. On the button.

Steve L.

That is a fair point, Stan. Thanks for commenting. Will fix in the post.

Jeffry V Mallow

I would argue that the distinction between Farrakhan's NOI not committing violent acts, in contrast to Kahane et al.'s doing so is a distinction without a difference. Farrakhan's anti-Semitic rhetoric inspires violence against Jews whether or not he has explicitly spoken in favor of it. That being said, great piece Steve!


there’s an old sarcastic joke from Northern Ireland about the relationship between certain politicians and certain thugs...

It’s like the relationship between the junkyard owner and the junkyard dog “he’s not my dog, but he’ll bite you if I say-so”

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