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February 15, 2019


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Did not the US threaten to invade Japan? (Operation Downfall)

Your argument that "it is obvious why military planners would have scoffed at the notion of an invasion across the five thousand miles of open waters between Japan and the continental United States" is not obvious at all, and wrong, insofar as the US planned that very invasion.

Perhaps you could have said that US planners scoffed at the notion of a ground invasion of the US by Japan. That would have been closer to accurate, but not entirely true.

In addition to Pearl Harbor and numerous attacks on the mainland, according to "Wiki" (with the usual caveats about accuracy) Japan occupied the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, for a time. Perhaps others can elaborate on the accuracy of that characterization and implications.

In any event, all this is not to say that the internment was justified! It was not! It was wrong and awful. It was of course the FDR administration, that has more to answer for as well.

But, as usual, you employ an emotional plea to try to stir up outrage and then conflate stretched facts (to nearly the breaking point) with some truth to make some demagogic point. There is no similarity between defending a border that is clearly being illegally crossed by tens of thousands of persons, and the internment, by the FDR administration, of tens of thousands of persons, on the basis of "race," who were residing in the US peacefully and lawfully.

When you use the internment to evoke emotions to make a bogus comparison and mix in some "facts" that are not clearly stated (leaving a false impression) to boot (and that is a gentle characterization), does that sort of seem like what you think the person you hate so much does?

No response is expected, of course, knowing that you think being able to point the finger at person is more important than the merits of any debate.


The Japanese did invade the US during the Aleutian Islands Campaign of WWII. They occupied Attu and Kiska. My step-father was stationed in Adak in 1943.Patrick

I take no issue with the current controversy.

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