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January 29, 2019


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"I first passed aisles of beauty supplies, shampoo, greeting cards, and coffee filters. Turning right at the frozen pizza, I saw a red wall (the others are all white) with the large word PHARMACY above a long counter."

Your excursion into a busy store sounds like a person describing a safari into the wilds of some undiscovered country. Were you fearful of the deplorables? Could you, as the famous agent said, smell them? Did any of them have teeth? Must be nice to live in a cocoon where one no longer needs to shop in busy stores, like all the little people do. How strange are their stores!

I have to agree with you about osccillo, but only to a certain degree. How is that this product is so popular in France, that enlightened, ever so superior country? (The snobbery in France makes law professors seem like humble beings by comparison.)

Wait a minute! Are the French all as ignorant as those people in that strange place called a "big box store"?


Excuse the wrong assumption. Despite the tone of the description of the "big box" store, and although such a place may be an unfamiliar or strange place to some, that unfamiliarity would be, in Evanston, likely based more on money and perceived status than politics.

The folks shopping in that store were likely nearly uniformly Democrats:

"In the 2012 presidential election, Democratic incumbent Barack Obama won 85% of Evanston's vote, compared to 13% for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.[27] In the 2016 Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton received 54% of the votes of Evanston Democrats to Bernie Sanders' 45%.[28] During that year's general election, Clinton won 87% of the vote in Evanston, while Republican and nationwide winner Donald Trump received 7%.[29] Evanston's turnout for presidential elections has grown steadily since 2004, with 80% of registered voters voting in the 2016 general election.

Accordingly, the smell of "trump voters" was unlikely present, and the shoppers, in the main, likely were not "deplorables" in the political sense.

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