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December 05, 2018


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Dave Garrow

Great that you've written this, Steve. I hadn't known that she'd retired, but I have similarly positive recollections of her from the late '90s and early '00s, when I thought that writing op-eds was a worthwhile enterprise. [Yes, I largely changed my mind some years back now, given the tsunami of c-r-a-p that's now all over the web. Back in 1995, and earlier, the MUCH smaller number of platforms made any individual piece loom larger against a relatively small universe of commentary.] Like you, I had consistently encouraging interactions with Marcia, and although I never kept count, it seemed as if every time I published an op-ed in WaPo or someplace else, a few days later it would be reprinted in the Tribune. I hope there was an appropriate ceremony at the Trib.

Susan Carlotta Ellis

Congratulations Marcia on your retirement and the new chapter of experiencing and living out new passions!!!

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