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December 31, 2018


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Until the "progressives" accept that approx. 50% of their fellow citizens are not evil, the fear expressed above will be justified. It never ceases to amaze me that "progressives" spread the most hateful rhetoric imaginable, and then complain about polarization.

Don't believe it? I suspect many "progressives" read the Atlantic. I wonder if they read the recent piece about how hate toward others is ruining this country. The percentage of Democrats who actually hate Republicans, and characterize them as ignorant, stupid bigots, is much higher than the reverse. In fact, while Democrats think Republicans are evil, perhaps not surprisingly, Republicans believe Democrats are dishonest.

Above is a perfect example of the memory hole phenomenon that has overtaken the left. They not only seem to ignore the reality of history, including recent history, but distort the facts to fit current prejudices and preferences, just as Orwell predicted with respect to "IngSoc" (English socialism).

"The truly amazing thing is how little legal breakage there was in the American Civil War, how much constitutional propriety remained in the forefront, and how much that constitutional propriety was measured in formal, literal terms. We got through the Civil War precisely because Lincoln anchored his theory of the war in the Constitution."

Really? Has anyone ever read the actual history of Lincoln's actions during the war? A great orator, writer, and thinker? Yes. A bigot who never accepted equality for the freed slaves? A cynic with respect to the great Proclamation, that didn't say what most people think it said? Yes.

A president who adhered to the "formal literal constitutional proprieties"? Oh, please.

The left wants to claim Lincoln. Fine. Don't white wash his many quite brazen constitutional violations. And, if war is an excuse, then let's disband the SCOTUS during times of war. That isn't the law and there were alternatives.

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Oh Lordy. No more Country Roads.


anon, that is just absurdly stupid.



You are playing to type. As stated: "The percentage of Democrats who actually hate Republicans, and characterize them as ignorant, stupid bigots, is much higher than the reverse."

I'm not a republican. I suspect both parties of malfeasance and often outright dishonesty and surely hypocrisy. I concede that I am often offended by the moralistic, holier than thou tone taken by left-leaning pontificators, who look down their noses at others while, in my view, doing some very shady things themselves. I believe that BOTH parties must be subject to scrutiny, not just "the others" who are demonized.

But, on this website, there are many who believe that only one party and only those who support it should be demonized constantly, and that all faults of their own "team" should be ignored or excused.

To the point: your comment, twbb. I'd bet you would ridicule someone who goes around calling people "stupid" (unless, of course, the target is one you believe, rightly or wrongly, to be "the other").

The author above complains about "hyper polarization" and warns of its ill-effects. But, he doesn't seem to realize that his nearly uniformly partisan selection of topics, "support" and conclusions adheres, again nearly uniformly, to the political agenda of the Democratic Party.

That he writes about the problem of hyper partisanship while epitomizing its effects is to me beyond ironic.

But, perhaps, that is because I am so stupid I can't see the big picture here. Yes, you are correct! You are brilliant and I am stupid.



BTW, the article above was one of the more neutral posts by this author.

Yet, he couldn't help but suggest that race is determinative of party affiliation, in both California and Alabama. I suppose college towns are Republican now, along with all those "rural white" people (who cling to ... well, you know what those stupid people cling to).

This is the view of the modern left, that has used and is using racial hostility and tropes (especially now fanning the flames) in an attempt to gain votes.


When you throw up your hands and say "but both sides!" you're not exhibiting world-weary understanding, you're admitting you just can't critically analyze what's happening. It's the kind of inane nothing that obnoxious college freshmen pronounce arrogantly in late night dorm chat to make it sound like they're not naive 18-year-olds.



You speak to "critical analysis."

This is your critical analysis:

"absurdly stupid" "[you] just can't" "inane nothing ... obnoxious college freshmen" "arrogant ... late night dorm chat" "naive 18-year-old" ...

I see your "point." Very astute analysis.

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