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December 06, 2018


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To paraphrase Stalin, how many divisions do these organizations have? Steve, you certainly know that these organizations are on the fringe of the American Jewish community. No reason they can't hold the views they do but don't imply to your readers that their letter represents a broad section of American Jewish opinion is just wrong.


I am always baffled by the claim that Jews who dare to live in "Arab" lands are "settlers" living in "settlements."

Rather, they, like Jews almost everywhere else in the world save the US, are forced by hostile, unthinkingly hateful Arabs to live in ghettos. A population that hates Jews and wants their land to be Judenrein is not a victim, in my view, of the "settlers."

It is a very bad sign that "Palestinians" cannot tolerate Jews living among them. Arabs are allowed to live in Israel, of course, but the reverse seems unthinkable.

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