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December 11, 2018


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There are two fundamental problems with policing in America. The first is that they hire the wrong people. They need to hire old people with tons of life experiences and seasoning. Young bucks out of the military or with Associates Degrees in criminal justice are not a good fit with reality. The police will encounter: 1. Domestic Violence. 2. Chemical Addictions. 3. Mental Health/Illness 4. Driving with a Suspended License 5. Retail Theft. 6. Disputes. It is not a glamour job filled with cool cop cars and high speed chases, guns, spiffy uniforms and a compliant citizen. The job gets over sold. It's a Hollywood expectation, not reality.

Jason Van Dyke the officer that shot Laquan McDonald 16 times, was only a few years older than him. An old guy would have seen a pathetic kid and treated him as such. For gosh sakes, he popped a tire and scratched a windshield. Those acts suggest an angry, depressed kid, not a violent killer. An old man police officer would have recognized that.

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