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November 29, 2018


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It is shameful how many law schools are exploiting African-American students and other minorities. Admitting students who will not pass the bar does nothing for social justice. Instead it it keeps the salaries coming to social justice professors.

The Law Offcies of Kavanaugh Thomas, LLC, PC, LTD, Chartered, AV Rated

Everyone deserves a chance to be a LAWYER!!! Your name is Liam or Amber and you graduated from Central Iowa Torah Tech College with a 2.2 GPA in Marketing. You now work at Ross as an assistant shoe department manager for 70 hours per week for $42K a year with no holidays off. You are dog tired at the ripe old age of 26. After 5 craft beers, you ask SIRI about LAW SCHOOLS!!!! Cooley and this joint are just the ticket. After 4 years, You are now a LAWYER chasing three bill DUI's and low speed soft tissue rear enders or work for a small law shop at $44K per year and an Obama Care Bronze Plan. At least you only work 50 hours and get Thanksgiving off.


You should recite your recent post on 9/30 or update your current post because they contradict each other.

@Frakt you lost me there. You're essentially asking ABA to find FCSL liable and pay back millions of $$ back to the Department of Education. The main issue is FCSL/Infilaw/Sterling Partners do not want ABA to send a fact finder. They've been fighting all this time to prevent a fact finder from being sent to the school, yet they lost their TRO and the Preliminary Injunction through a Court Order.

You said: If the ABA wants to punish Florida Coastal for past transgressions, then it should require Florida Coastal to do something for the students who never should have been admitted. But continuing to insist that the school is non-compliant after it is clearly back in compliance just makes the ABA look foolish.

Are you for a 'Fact Finder' being sent to Florida Coastal or against it ? How can they find them in compliance if they don't send a fact finder and see the reality on the ground. You can't claim 'arbitrary and capricious' by simply preventing a fact finder from being sent to the school. You make no sense.

To claim arbitrary and capricious, it would make more sense if FCSL was denied due process but they were granted several hearings, including an appeal. The fact that they don't like the outcome and don't want ABA to send a fact finder to the school doesn't make ABA arbitrary and capricious.

David Frakt

Kaizer - Sorry I lost you. Not sure which post you want me to rescind. I am not asking the ABA to find FCSL liable and pay back millions of dollars to the Department of Education.

I believe that the ABA is not being transparent or consistent in its interpretation of Standard 501. Some schools that are admitting huge numbers of unqualified students have never been found in compliance. Other schools have been found out of compliance and then immediately found back in compliance based on very minor changes. No school with current admitted student credentials comparable to Florida Coastal's has ever been found out of compliance. Is Standard 501 based on current admissions policies, or is it based on historic admissions policies? I think the ABA should be clear about what Florida Coastal, or any other school, needs to do to be found in compliance if the ABA finds the school out of compliance.

I don't have a problem with the ABA sending a fact-finder to Florida Coastal.

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