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November 05, 2018


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Anonymous Professor

Make sure you also mention the law schools that consistently punch above their weight on the bar: UMass (92% bar pass in MA) and FIU. If a school admits lower-credentialed applicants, they must also commit to robust, comprehensive academic support, and robust, comprehensive bar prep, AND have faculty on board with with both. Podium faculty who believe bar pass "isn't their thing" aren't going to help students pass the bar. Bar passage needs to be a school-wide endeavor.

The Law Offcies of Kavanaugh Thomas, LLC, PC, LTD, Chartered, AV Rated

Yesterday, another lawyer undercut me on a $250 fee for a traffic ticket. He would do it for $195. Try paying a mortgage, car note, light bill, saving for retirement and paying a $200K student loan. Once most folks pass the Bar, they are in for a rude awakening.

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