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November 18, 2018


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I recently watched the 2003 10 part documentary entitled, The First World War. It was narrated and produced by Jonathan Lewis. Very good. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Anthony Gaughan

Thank you for the recommendation, anymouse. I will check it out.

For to buy a firelock

'... even amid the economic uncertainty created by the impulsive Brexit vote in 2016'.

Mr Gaughan, have you spent much time in Blighty? If you have, then surely you are aware that Brexit is the function of years of frustration and disgust - from both the Left and the Right - with the EU. You may think leaving is the wrong move, but it is not an impulsive one. (Don't confuse the government's unpreparedness with impulsiveness).

As the pressure mounts throughout the Continent for failing to meet replacement rate, failing in turn to cover the costs of its respective welfare states, and bringing in more international unskilled labour in a desperate effort to compensate (and to 'de-nationalise') with the concomitant resentment of the natives, you will watch in your lifetime the EU collapse.

The UK with muddle through, just as it always has, even if it considerably poorer off economically for the short to medium-term.

Anthony Gaughan

Thank you for your comment, For to buy a firelock. I was in London just before the Brexit vote. It was a remarkable time to be there, quite tense and interesting.

Yes, I would indeed have voted Remain if I had had a vote.

But I certainly do acknowledge and understand the frustration that drove the pro-Brexit vote. As you point out, it was building for years. Moreover, I think the UK was wise to not adopt the Euro.

I also agree with you that the EU's long-term future is in doubt (even apart from the UK/Brexit issue), as the latest budget crisis in Italy demonstrates. I nevertheless hope that in the long run the EU is able to muddle through too.

Thanks again.

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