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November 01, 2018


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Sadly, the take-away message in the Cooley case is "put up a fuss and make the ABA spend some of its dwindling budget on actual enforcement, then the charges go away." Guess that's liberty and justice for you.

The Law Offcies of Kavanaugh Thomas, LLC, PC, LTD, Chartered, AV Rated

The language "destroyed the lives of a lot of people" was used to characterize "zombie" law schools. Hyperbole. They did give lots of folks a chance to chase three bill DUI's and low speed soft tissue rear enders. If you graduated from Iowa Central Baptist Torah Tech with a 2.1 GPA in Marketing and work 70 hours a week as an Assistant Manager at Ross for $47K a year, you can earn roughly the same as a Solo/Small firm lawyer working 50 hours. And, you might get Thanksgiving and Christmas off. You get to call yourself a LAWYER!!! ESQ!!! ATTORNEY AT LAW. Yeah Baby!!! And maybe, just maybe, some air crash victim's family will some how pick up the phone and call you! You will then refer it to a real PI guy who will split with you. Never know....

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