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October 30, 2018


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Interesting story, and not to trivialize it or Mr. Betts' story either, but the following struck me strongly enough that I burst out laughing and a paralegal across from my office asked what was going on.=:

“Mr. Lubet,” he informed me, “not only have you been arrested more times than any other applicant to the law school, you have been arrested more times than every other applicant to the law school.”


Steve L.

Concerned Citizen: Glad you got a laugh out of it; that was the point.

The Law Offcies of Kavanaugh Thomas, LLC, PC, LTD, Chartered, AV Rated

Great. Welcome to the Profession of thousands and thousands of under-employed and unemployed lawyers trying to pay off $200K in student loan debt chasing after soft tissue low speed rear enders and three bill DUIs. We are tripping over each other for clients. Good Luck collecting fees and hustling work. If you are not politically connected or your Dad was not a lawyer or you don't have a job lined up you will end up like me typing away on this blog...even in this economic climate.

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