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October 10, 2018


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"Will electing Democrats in November make a difference?

Not necessarily. These schemes and loopholes have been around for decades and have been well known to experts and legislators. This covers time periods where both parties were in power. Lest we forget, there are wealthy donors of all political stripes."

Let's just pause and think about that plain statement of fact.

How refreshing. And, conducive to reform.

I would only tweak the "necessarily." I would say "not likely" and cite the Wall Street bail out and exculpation post 2008.

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He has a good accountant. He didn't hire the Walmart booth Block (get Your Billions back America) or the costumed Statue of Liberty.... See, the great secret is that if you hire a CPA and even if you are middle class, you can avoid taxes just like the big boys...on a much smaller scale. Just own rental property, a business automobile or two and deduct. Ever wonder why Office Depot is crowded on December 31? Deductions.


It is garden variety estate planning "fraud," and entirely unprosecutable. And isn't it odd that the amount of money Trump allegedly reaped from this scheme -- $400 million -- is exactly how much Trump Org spent on all cash property acquisitions from 2007-2015? This included the good courses that Eric Trump said the company purchased with Russian backing.

If you believe the NYT story you are a fool

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