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September 11, 2018


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Betsy DeVos Save our Kids Foundation

I am so happy that Real Estate Salesman Donald Trump is rolling back regulations to goose the economy. Who needs OSHA and all these lawyers?

Ellen Wertheimer

The Triangle Fire certainly caused more stringent regulations to be adopted. Perhaps even more importantly, it provided an additional impetus to unionization, especially in the clothing trades. Blank and Harris had resisted unionization with thugs; the women who were working on March 25, a Saturday, were in the factory because Blank and Harris, in their anti-union violence and resistance, had been successful.

Especially in these anti-union times, we all need to remember the role that unions played in forcing manufacturers to adopt safer workplace practices and living wages.

Anthony Gaughan

That is a great point, Ellen. Unions played an absolutely critical role in ushering in the modern age of workplace regulations. The role of unions in the Progressive and New Deal eras is also a good reminder that reforms don't just spontaneously happen on their own. It takes both organization and mobilization to make lasting change.

Henry T.

Interesting angle Ellen, Unions are critical to ensure that certain standards are followed in markets and to make sure labor rights are protected. But sadly anti-unionists still exist today.

Betsy DeVos Save our Kids Foundation

^^^^I disagree regarding worker safety and unions. I believes unions are necessary to ensure fair wages only, TODAY. Unions started when tort and PI law was in its nascent and undeveloped stages. Today, business and insurance companies are challenged by thousands and thousands of hungry PI lawyers scouring the landscape for sick, sore and disabled clients. They know my PI buddies will ponce at any hint of harm or injury. I may sound fatuous here, but its true. Every business and corporation is afraid of a big payout by some jury that has no sympathy for Explores that roll over. Us lawyers are the deterrent, not the unions.

Anthony Gaughan

Betsy Devos Save our Kids Foundation, I agree with you about the importance of attorneys. I am also not a fan of tort reform. Corporations, insurance companies, and health care providers are fully capable of defending themselves from personal injury lawsuits. Legislatures should not be putting a thumb on the scale in favor of politically-influential defendants. I am also a critic of mandatory arbitration provisions in consumer contracts, but that is a story for another day.


Thanks for responding to me. I know I can be pithy and irreverent. You fell into the insurance company trap of using their term "tort reform." What needs to be reformed? What does it really mean? Denying access to the civil justice system. Might as well say the name Stella Liebeck and shout it out. Like saying Hillary and Bengazi. Insurance companies like State Farm want "tort reform" so they don't have to pay out claims. State Farm just settled a conspiracy lawsuit for interfering in the election for an Illinois Supreme Court justice for a quarter billion dollars.

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