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September 26, 2018


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It should have come as no surprise that bottom feeders bottom feed even more ruthlessly when their prey are most desperate and vulnerable. There may be a few reasons for this, however, that aren't immediately obvious:

1. USNWR making such a substantial number of schools "unrated" allows those at the very bottom to pretend that they may be at the top of that very substantial block of schools. Prospective students may think one is as good as another, when this is clearly not the case.

2. Once you are a bottom feeder, and your faculty knows it, the level of effort goes down. Some will vigorously argue that the faculties at bottom feeders are hard working, devoted and productive, but, folks, if you've never witnessed these folks first hand, don't say that. Many are very lazy, and many are completely incompetent, in nearly every respect. Yet, they claim the compensation and privileges of "professors of law" -- and that costs money.

3. The ABA has ignored law schools that have broken its rules for accreditation in the main. Bottom feeders know that, any day, the DOE or some other real regulator might step in and cut off the student loan tap, making the exploited conduits worthless to the greedy bottom feeders. Thus, they "Make hay while the sun shines."

4. Take a look at the attrition rates at many bottom feeders. If you take a huge bite in the first year out of the 20% or more that you will throw out after that one year, you can still eek out a marginal gain.

The reality that the most pompous members of the legal academy can't face is that far too many of them just aren't the virtuous, faultless, guileless, tireless servants of all that is good and holy they think they are. Many are participants in what was, and in some respects still is, a ruthless game to feather their own nests while pretending to care only about their dear students' education and prospects.

Time should have been up a long time ago. But, like Wall Street, crash or no crash, it is hard to stop being a greedy person, richly rewarded for incompetent work.

Random Law Prof

This is excellent work. Really detailed, helpful information. Thank you for sharing.

Brett Kavanaugh Macho Macho Man Association of America

There was and currently is nothing wrong with the legal academy. It is you law professors, Rule of Law, Robert Mueller and Rosenstein that are preventing the collapse of our democracy from the rouge, authoritarian bigot at the White House. Thank god for our Judges and the Legal Academy.

With that said, here is the problem: The legal profession is just far too oversaturated with lawyers. Too many bottom feeder law schools. A few years back, one could ask a $1500-$2500 fee on a retail theft and $5000 on a DUI--for a plea. Today? I am lucky to get three bills on a retail theft. My blue collar dad made more money than I did in a typical year during the 80s than I do as a solo attorney. Don't think this provides effective access to courts for the underserved. It doesn't. I would rather sit at home blogging here than risk a malpractice beef for one hundred dollars.


"from the rouge, authoritarian bigot at the White House"

Haha, although a typographical error, "rouge" may actually work fine in this case.

He certainly appears to be slathered in the stuff.

More seriously, Bernie, this is really great stuff. I've pulled the draft paper and hope to be able to get through it tonight.

Your first practical conclusion/implication is really distressing to me. What a perverse outcome. I've long felt that there were too many schools pumping out too many new law grads for too few jobs (remember below?).

Back when, I heartily cheered all the schools that drew a line in the sand and refused to dumb down UGPA and LSAT standards, and didn't dip too much in regards to their normal applicant/acceptance ratios, and lost students as a result. Now ya tell us that if they'd dumbed down their classes somewhat maybe quite a few more of the bottom feeding schools would have shuttered their operations? I'm so conflicted.

These below also were "really great stuff". I fear links will get my comment hung up in the filter, but anyone who missed your commentary from ~ six years ago regarding too many grads, too few jobs and would like to read them can readily find them by searching on the titles.

What Matters Most (in legal ed these days).

More of What Matters Most - Paging Dr. Paingloss.

Still More on What Matters Most (Or, A Guided Tour of Pandaemonium)



Sorry; typo. "Dr. Paingloss" should be "Dr. Pangloss". Not sure how that crept in there... most likely "operator error".

Bernie Burk

Concerned Citizen, I figured it was a pun or perhaps a little Freudian slip. Thank you for your kind words, which really brightened up my day. Stay concerned!


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